We are here to support Queenslanders.  COVID-19 took the world by surprise, and we’ve all been impacted in different ways.  We’re offering a range of fully-funded and free training options for businesses and individuals affected by COVID-19.

COVID Safe training

These programs have been developed for the hospitality industry, and beauty, nail, tanning, spas and tattooing sectors.  COVID Safe training modules are 30-minute online courses for workers in businesses that are required to have a COVID Safe plan.  These courses are fully funded by the Queensland Government.

Covid safe for business
COVID Safe For Business

The COVID Safe for Business micro-credential is fully funded by the Queensland Government. This course will give you a deeper understanding of COVID restrictions in Queensland from 17 December, and will help you safeguard yourself, your colleagues and your customers from the virus. This course has been developed by TAFE Queensland. 

COVID Safe for Dining In

This course is suitable for all people returning to work in hospitality and related industries.

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COVID Safe for Personal Services

Suitable for people who are returning to work in beauty, nail salons, massage, tanning, tattoo parlours, spas, saunas and bathhouses. 

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TAFE Queensland’s micro-credentials are short, highly targeted courses designed to help you improve a specific skill. Our micro-credentials will help you improve your career prospects, maintain currency in your field, or allow you to try out something completely new. 

Micro-credentials explained

After completing one of our micro-credential courses you will be issued with a digital badge, which can be verified online, giving anyone you share it with evidence of your capability.


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For small and medium business

The funded training options on this page are suitable for businesses of any size.  Simply forward the details to your employees and have them register or enrol. 

If you are looking for a customised solution, or would like to speak to our business development team, please contact us.




For large enterprise

The economic impact of COVID-19 is far reaching. Ensuring your employees have the right skills to support your business has never been more critical. Talk to us today about our custom enterprise solutions.



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Spot the difference: micro-credentials vs skill sets

Micro-credentials, skill sets and short courses sound like the same thing, but there are differences between them. Whether you want to dip your toes into a new area or need to update your industry knowledge, TAFE Queensland has the right option for you.

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Bianca Martin continuing her Isolearn study.

Pivoting with TAFE Queensland

Business leaders, academics and economists are collectively encouraging job seekers, business owners and budding entrepreneurs to ‘pivot’ within their industries, vocations and careers, in order to address unprecedented changes in job security, caused by the global pandemic. Bianca Martin has done just that.

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Micro-credentials: swift and rewarding training

Upskilling, reskilling and moving swiftly is key to future proofing yourself, or your workforce, in the 2020s. Enter micro-credentials. You can build skills without needing to do a three-year qualification.

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Get literate (digitally) or get left behind

Digital literacy is one of the most important skills of the decade, for you and your employees.

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Why it's important to keep your skills up to date

There are plenty of reasons why keeping your skills up to date can benefit your career. Plus adding those extra qualifications to your tool belt could be easier than you might think. 

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A brave new world of micro-credentials

Micro-credentials are the trendy new thing, and if you don’t have some, you need to get some. TAFE Queensland's short, highly targeted courses are designed to help you improve a specific skill, essentially making you an expert in that area.

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