Benefits of studying at a TAFE Queensland location

You will not only have access to a range of facilities, but you will also be able to take advantage of the social and interactive aspects of studying on location. You'll have face-to-face time with your teachers, you'll make friends and form study groups, and you'll be able to attend student events and access the entire range of student support services. Being exposed to like-minded people, bouncing ideas around, and participating in intelligent discussions is a great learning experience.


Why study by location with TAFE Queensland

This is the perfect option for full-time students who want to have the entire 'on campus' experience. At TAFE Queensland you'll study in purpose-built facilities including workshops using industry-standard equipment, fully functioning health clinics and labs, digital studios, and open to the public restaurants, beauty salons, and gyms. You'll also have access to libraries, lecture theatres, study spaces, cafeterias and more.


Study locations

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