The world of work is changing. Upskilling, reskilling and agility is key to ensuring you or your organisation thrives in this ever changing, tech-focused decade. As the pace of change quickens, you and your workforce will need to learn new skills quickly to adapt and stay competitive.

What is a micro-credential?

Micro-credentials explained

You've likely heard the term micro-credential before, but they can also be referred to as online certifications, online short courses, nano-degrees or digital badges.

Get qualified faster

TAFE Queensland’s micro-credentials are short, highly targeted courses designed to help you improve a specific skill. Our micro-credentials will help you improve your career prospects, maintain currency in your field, or allow you to try out something completely new.

Show off your skills

After completing one of our micro-credential courses you will be issued with a digital badge, which can be verified online, giving anyone you share it with evidence of your capability.

Value for money

Our micro-credentials are affordable — funded wholly or partially by the Queensland Government — and can take just an hour to complete. Many of our micro-credentials can be completed 100 per cent online, while others have some face-to-face components.

Verify your credentials

The world of work is changing, and so is how we train. Micro-credentials are a move away from unrecognised professional development models of the past to genuine, verifiable training.


Industry-recognised micro-credentials

Quickly and easily develop the skills you need to launch, progress or pivot your career with our range of industry-recognised micro-credentials. These courses are all offered online, some with scheduled virtual class times and others offered anytime, anywhere.  


Free micro-credential courses

With our range of free, online, fully self-paced micro-credentials you can turn uncertainty into opportunity. These bite-sized courses are designed for anyone looking to gain a new skill to add to their resume, or those wanting to take the first step towards restarting or reinventing their career.

Digital Literacy Essentials (MCC00013)

As companies embrace digital transformation, the need for digital literacy is increasingly becoming a fundamental requirement for career success.

This course provides an introduction to modern digital technologies, software and popular social media platforms that are currently in use across many careers and industries. It also explores pathways for learning and ways to keep current with rapid advances in technology in today's modern world.

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Cyber Security Essentials (MCC00014)

In today's increasingly digital world, cyber security is seen as one of the biggest risks to personal and organisational safety. With almost every organisation having an online presence, no business or industry is exempt from this growing risk. 

This course provides an introduction to cyber security, what the various risks for staff and businesses are, and what you can do to ensure your personal and organisational information is secure.

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Communication Technologies for Business Success (MCC00015)

Being able to clearly and effectively communicate with colleagues over diverse, dispersed and dynamic organisational structures and environments is more important than ever before. 

This course explores some of the most popular digital communication technologies and software used by industry today and how you can use these tools to help improve productivity and collaboration in any workplace. 

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Digital Data Essentials (MCC00016)

Digital data has the capacity to change the way we live and work. The amount of personal data that individuals increasingly provide to organisations is already having a significant impact on our everyday lives. 

This course will give you an introduction to data helping you understand what data is, how leading businesses are using data to make informed business decisions, and where the future of digital data is heading. 

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Data Security Essentials (MCC00017)

The importance of ensuring that data is secure has never been more essential to personal and organisational risk management.

This course introduces you to the importance of safeguarding your individual data as well as how to use data within an organisational environment. You'll develop an understanding of the risks involved in supplying and storing data, how data is used, and what you need to know to ensure data security is not compromised.

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Data Analysis Essentials (MCC00018)

As the world around us continues to move at an ever faster pace, data analysis is proving to be an increasingly important skill in the business world. 

This course will provide you with an introduction to data analysis and explain why it's such a useful tool in providing insights into trends, forecasts and analytics. You'll learn how to use data analysis to provide meaningful, accurate and relevant information to underpin evidence-based decision making.

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COVID Safe micro-credentials

Our COVID Safe micro-credentials are fully funded by the Queensland Government. Learn how to safeguard yourself, your colleagues and your customers during the pandemic. To apply for these courses, please register your details below and we will send you the enrolment information. 

COVID Safe for Dining In

This course is suitable for all people returning to work in hospitality and related industries.

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COVID Safe for Personal Services

Suitable for people who are returning to work in beauty, nail salons, massage, tanning, tattoo parlours, spas, saunas and bathhouses. 

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Infection control skill set (Retail) (HLTSS00065)

Candidates must be a new or existing worker in the retail industry. Discover how to implement standard and transmission-based precautions, and respond to infection risks in the workplace. You'll also discover how to identify, separate, and clean contaminated zones with a heightened level of diligence.

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Infection control skill set (Food Handling) (HLTSS00066)

Candidates must be a new or existing worker in the food handling industry. This skill set is useful for any workers who are in contact with food or preparing food including in hospitality, sporting groups, canteens etc.

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Infection control skill set (Transport and Logistics) (HLTSS00067)

Candidates must be a new or existing worker in the transport and logistics industry. Discover how to implement standard and transmission-based precautions, and respond to infection risks in the workplace. You'll also discover how to identify, separate, and clean contaminated zones with a heightened level of diligence.

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Infection Control Skill Set (HLTSS00064)

This course is suitable for people who work in the community services or health industries. Discover how to implement standard and transmission-based precautions, and respond to infection risks in the workplace. You'll also discover how to identify, separate, and clean contaminated zones with a heightened level of diligence.

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Why do you need a micro-credential?

For individuals

Are micro-credentials worth it? As individuals we should all be making sure we stay current in our profession by upskilling, or seeking out new and exciting skills to expand our area of expertise. Completing a microcredential course will build your confidence, develop your skills, and help you demonstrate your capability to the world.

We develop our micro-credentials for individuals with employment and career progression in mind. Our specialists research what skills prospective employers are looking for and develop courses designed to meet this need. In short, micro-credentials are worth it because they give you an edge in an increasingly competitive job market. 

Micro-credentials aren’t full qualifications — which is one of their strengths. They're short, which means you don’t need to dedicate extensive time to them. However, if you're looking at something more substantial, take a look at our full online qualifications.

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For business

The world of work is changing and your business needs to continue to adapt. Your staff need the right skills at the right time. Micro-credentials are a cost-effective way of providing professional development to your staff to upskill them in the latest trends.

TAFE Queensland offers a range of ready-to-go micro-credentials, and we can develop micro-credentials specifically for the enterprise skills your business needs. Micro-credentials give businesses certainty that they are spending their professional development budget on the right skills. Plus, unlike conferences or professional development days, micro-credentials provide evidence of completion and capability.

If you're a business and you would like to work with us on enterprise micro-credentials, please get in contact.

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