Whether you're after a professional development course, workplace licence, hobby course, accredited skill set or micro-credential, our range of short courses can help you diversify your professional portfolio, maintain workplace skills and certifications, or develop skills in a new area. 

Short courses

Test out a new career path, brush up on your skills, or unlock your creative talents with a short course. Our short courses are designed to give you an introduction into a new area without the time and cost of a formal qualification.

When you complete a short course you'll receive a Statement of Participation. While our short courses aren't accredited, they'll give you targeted skills that you can use in your personal or professional life.

If want to get the skills but aren't worried about getting the piece of paper, then a non-accredited short course could be right for you.

Skill sets

Skill sets are accredited short courses, workplace licences and certifications that are recognised by industry and lead to a qualification. They're a great way to quickly build on existing skills or re-train in a new area without committing to a full qualification. 

When you successfully complete a skill set you'll be issued with a Statement of Attainment which is a nationally-recognised certification. Because the units you complete in skill set are accredited, they can give you credit towards a related qualification such as a certificate or diploma if you choose to continue your studies in the future.

If getting the qualification is as important to you as getting the skills, then an accredited skill set might be the right choice for you.

COVID Safe skill sets

COVID-19 has impacted infection control standards in a range of job roles across the economy. With our COVID Safe skill sets you can ensure you and your staff return to work with the skills and knowledge to implement strategies and practices to help safeguard yourself, your colleagues and your customers from COVID-19. In addition to our COVID Safe skill sets, we also offer COVID Safe micro-credentials for the hospitality and personal services industries. 

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Micro-credentials offer fast and affordable professional development training. With some courses taking as little as one hour to complete, you can ensure you keep up to date with the latest skills and trends in your industry.

These highly-targeted courses deliver just-in-time training, allowing you to develop the in-demand skills employers need in today's rapidly changing job market. Our range of micro-credentials are also affordable, with some of them attracting Queensland Government funding. 

When you complete a micro-credential you'll receive a digital badge, a powerful signal of your professional capability that you can share with your networks and prospective employers.

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