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Eligibility and registration


In order to attend a graduation ceremony you must be eligible to graduate. That means you need to have completed all the requirements of your course including all units, assessments, and exams. Invitations to attend graduation will only be sent to eligible students. If you are expecting to graduate and haven't received a graduation email, please contact your local Customer Service Centre.


Finishing your course doesn't mean you're automatically registered to attend a graduation ceremony. If you'd like to attend a ceremony you'll need to register. Eligible students will receive an email with all the relevant graduation details, as well as information on how to register, towards the end of your studies. There may be guest limits depending on the capacity of your graduation venue.


The cost of graduation varies depending on your location and sometimes qualification level. Your ticket includes the cost of gowning and may also include entertainment such as live music, photo booths, and catering before or after your ceremony. Guests may also need to purchase tickets to attend the ceremony, depending on the location.


What to wear


Your ticket cost includes the cost of hiring your academic regalia. Depending on your qualification level you may wear a combination of sash, gown and/or mortarboard. You are required to return your academic regalia after the completion of your ceremony (you will be informed of what time you need to return it by). If you do not return your academic regalia by the required time you may incur a fee for the replacement of the items.

Dress code

Graduation is a formal event so make sure you dress accordingly. For example, many men wear long pants and a buttoned shirt (with or without tie) with many women choosing to wear a dress beneath their academic gown. You may need to walk up and down stairs or a ramp before you cross the stage and, depending on your qualification level, you may also need to wear a mortarboard so make sure your outfit and hairstyle are appropriate.


Ceremony details

Arrival time

When you register for your graduation ceremony you will be told what time to arrive at the venue. This is to allow time for registration, gowning, and your student briefing where you'll find out what to do during the ceremony and where you'll be seated. If you arrive late you may not be able to join the graduation ceremony.

Seating arrangements

During the ceremony graduating students will sit separately from their guests. Students will generally be seated close to the stage and are grouped by study area or faculty, course, and qualification level. You'll be able to join your friends and family to celebrate after the end of the graduation ceremony.

Graduation etiquette

Graduation is an exciting time. Out of respect to your fellow graduands, we ask that all students stay in their allocated seat throughout the ceremony. If you move to sit with your friends or family, or try to leave the venue, you will be asked to return to your allocated seat. There will be plenty of time to celebrate after the ceremony.


Photos and merch


Graduation is an important life event you'll want to remember in years to come. Professional photographers will be available to capture the special moment with your friends and family. Another reason to make sure you arrive with plenty of time. Roving photographers may also cover each event.


Remember to celebrate your time at TAFE Queensland with some of our memorabilia. A merchandise stand may be available before and after at select graduation ceremonies for you to purchase some TAFE Queensland graduate merchandise.


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