Congratulations on choosing to expand your knowledge and skills by studying with TAFE Queensland. We’ve made the application process as easy as possible so you can start preparing for your new study adventure sooner. Depending on what course you’d like to study there are a few different application methods available. 

Direct application



Click the Apply Now button from the course page that you’re interested in and complete the Ready to Apply form. Alternatively you can visit a customer service centre at one of our campus locations or call us on 1300 308 233.


Eligibility check

We will need to check you meet the entry requirements and selection criteria for your chosen course, as well see if you're eligible to access any relevant funding. Check out the details under the important information section on the course page for a list of requirements. Gathering all your supporting eligibility documents together ready to supply to us when requested will help speed up this process.



Once your application has been accepted and you have accepted an offer for a place in your course you will receive an enrolment email that includes all the practical information you need to know including timetables and orientation information.

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That's it! We can't wait to welcome you to the TAFE Queensland community. Once you've enrolled, we'll be in touch to let you know more details about your orientation and any other info you need to get off to a successful start.


You can also apply for our degree programs, as well as a range of our diploma courses, via the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC). 

  1. Submit your application via the QTAC website.
  2. If your application is successful you will receive your offer directly from QTAC.
  3. You will need to formally accept your offer from TAFE Queensland (there will be instructions on how to do this in your offer letter). 
  4. Once your application has been processed and paid you will receive a confirmation of enrolment, receipt, and further instructions.

When applying for tertiary study via QTAC for 2021 and beyond, each education provider will have their own policies for entry in relation to VET qualifications and subjects.

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Payment options available
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Unique Student Identifier

If you are enrolling in a nationally-recognised VET program you will need to provide your Unique Student Identifier (USI). Your USI is a number that links to an online account that contains any training records and results that you complete from 1 January 2015 onwards.

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Degrees and Admissions

There are several ways you can apply to study a TAFE Queensland degree. To help make your higher education application process as simple as possible view our tertiary admissions information.

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Eligibility documents

You'll need to provide a range of documentation to prove your eligibility to enrol in your course. Don't worry if you don't have a scanner. You can simply take a clear picture of the required documents on your smart phone to send to us if we need to see them.

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Application checklist

Once you've chosen your course, there are a few things you can do to ensure your application sails through quickly and easily. Luckily we've done all the hard work for you and prepared a quick and easy checklist to streamline your application process. 

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Apprenticeships and traineeships

If you would like to complete your apprenticeship or traineeship with TAFE Queensland you will need to discuss your study options with your employer.

If you are an employer and would like your apprentice or trainee to complete their studies with TAFE Queensland, please choose us as your Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO) when you are setting up your training contract with the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN).

Once you've signed your training contract, the AASN will notify us, and we will be in touch to organise you and your apprentice's induction.

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TAFE at School

Talk to your school's VET Coordinator, Guidance Officer, or Head of Senior Schooling about how you can apply for the TAFE at School program. Once you have worked through your options, your VET Coordinator can either start your application for you, or provide you with an application code so you can get started online. You can only complete one course through the TAFE at School program, so think carefully about the course that’s right for you.

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tertiary admissions

There are several ways that you can apply for TAFE Queensland's two tertiary courses, the Bachelor of Dental Prosthetics (HED004) and the Associate Degree in Civil Engineering (HED001). To make the application process as simple as possible, your application method depends upon your previous work and study experience.  

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Diploma-to-degree pathways

New students

If you're new to TAFE Queensland, you can apply for a combined diploma-do-degree pathway through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC). Simply search for your preferred course on the QTAC website, click the Apply Now button and follow the prompts. When you apply for a combined diploma/degree award, one application will cover your admin for both TAFE and uni. So you can sit back, put your feet up, and relax knowing the next few years are totally sorted.

Pro tip: if you're after a dual award, in the QTAC course search look out for the course with a diploma/bachelor name e.g. Diploma of Music Industry/Bachelor of Contemporary Music Practice.

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Current students

If you're a current TAFE Queensland diploma student you're in luck. Successfully completing your diploma will automatically qualify you for a provisional place in a relevant TAFE Queensland degree offered in partnership with the University of Canberra or Federation University. 

If you're ready to continue your studies with a hands-on degree, simply find the relevant course page for your chosen degree, click the Apply Now button and follow the prompts. Continue your application through the linked partner university portal and register your details on the form provided.

Pro tip: when looking for the right course, stick to the ones that are a straight up bachelor. Steer clear the the diploma/bachelor courses — these are for people who haven't done the diploma yet.

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International students

There are two ways to apply to study at TAFE Queensland as an international student. You can either apply directly through our TAFE Queensland International Application portal, or through one of our education agents Our registered agents can assist you with your visa application and guide you through the enrolment process. If you are from this list of countries you will need to apply through an agent.

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