Small Business Solutions partners with your business to develop training that is relevant to your staff and your broader strategic goals. The first step is to complete a business health check. Once complete, our business experts will create a tailored support plan for your business.


Understanding you and your business

Whatever your background or your business, our Small Business Solutions team aims to help you see the bigger picture. We consider a variety of factors including strategy, finance, operations, and marketing and provide strategic feedback based on our findings.



Your business strategy is key to achieving your goals and objectives. The first step in our business health check is to review your strategy. In this area, we will analyse: revenue targets, organic growth, capital expenditure and production targets



The next step is to develop a clear understanding of your business's financial position. This will allow us to map out potential scale and speed of growth. To do this we will review: cash flow, gross and net margin, profit and loss account, and overall balance sheet. 



This third step is to understand how you operate as a business. Whether you are a sole trader or have a small staff, this is a critical component. We will assess: suppliers, production schedules, scales of current projects, stock, lead times, and resource utilisation.



Finally we will assess the scope and effectiveness of your current marketing. Whatever your product, service, location or scale, marketing is vital when growing a business. We will analyse factors including: customer service standards, customer satisfaction, market share, current tactics, pricing, customer loyalty, product/service development. 


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