There has never been a better time to hire an apprentice. Skilled people are hard to find, you can improve workplace efficiency, and there are a range of financial incentives available.

1. Customise your training solution

Every business is different. Standardised training may not always give you or your staff the skills your workplace needs, or allow you to grow your business. Your staff and your business are unique, so you need a unique training plan. Customised training focuses on providing the skills and knowledge you require to build a better business. It uses non-disruptive delivery methods and offers simple, cost-effective, and targeted training programs. When you employ an apprentice, you have the option to customise their training. They will learn exactly what you need to benefit your business.

Plumbing apprentice and teacher

2. Increase workplace efficiency

When you hire an apprentice or trainee, you provide training in ‘your way of doing the job’. Having an apprentice trained your way from the start has a lot of benefits. You can grow staff capacity, increase business efficiency, and minimise disruption to productivity.

An apprentice or trainee can also be a catalyst for change. Introducing new team members encourages existing staff to challenge work processes and practices. This often results in bonus efficiency and productivity improvements.

Electrotechnology apprentice and teacher

3. Boost your bottom line

Employing an apprentice is a smart investment in the future of your business. Investing in training can actually provide your business with real benefits and contribute to your bottom line. Training a skilled worker will also save you dollars in the long term. However employing an apprentice or trainee (often a very cost effective labour solution) doesn’t just help you. It also helps people in your community find employment, which leads to local growth and economic development.

There are costs involved with employing an apprentice or trainee. However there are also some incentives that eligible employers can access to assist with these costs. These include state and federal government funding initiatives.

4. Contribute to lifelong learning

Sometimes employees that have been with you for a long time can either forget that they don’t know everything, or fall into the trap of thinking they do. By employing an apprentice or trainee you’re breathing a breath of fresh air into your business. You can encourage all staff to question what they know and contribute to lifelong learning.

If you’re looking for a great development opportunity for your existing workforce, you can hire an apprentice or trainee. As long as you're giving your existing employees the support they need, managing and mentoring an apprentice can help them to develop their management and leadership skills.

5. Future proof your business

Apprenticeships and traineeships are a great way to recruit and train employees to meet the current and future needs of your business. It’s all about making sure you have loyal employees with the right skills and knowledge. They will future proof your business and ensure you’re around for a long time. It's never too early to start thinking about succession planning.

You not only contribute to the future success of your own business by employing an apprentice. You are also helping produce qualified and talented tradespeople to sustain your industry.

Automotive teacher

TAFE Queensland can help find your business a suitable candidate, assist you to access funding, and manage your training contract end-to-end. Contact us today to learn more about how you can hire an apprentice or trainee today.

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