Imagine working in the gaming industry, designing apps, helping our planet to adjust to climate change or doing your part to launch someone into space.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) field careers stretch from entertainment to industry. It’s fair to say STEM skills are kind of a big deal right now. Aside from being the ‘it’ kid in the workforce, here are a few more reasons to consider a career in STEM.


Everyone will want you

Jobs in STEM are in high demand wherever you go, and the variety of career choices are growing by the day. STEM jobs are important to the economy, society and government because they are needed for the creation of new technologies. STEM workers are innovative and creative. They can solve complex problems and create solutions to help make life easier and they’re in high demand because skilled workers are hard to come by. Job creation in the field is high all over the world so you’ll give yourself a great shot at being hired.


The pay is pretty sweet

STEM workers are highly-skilled, well trained and highly sought after and the pay rates reflect that.

Studies show that 63 per cent of people with a qualification in STEM earn more than those with a bachelor in another subject. A further 47 per cent make more money than people with a PhD.


Skills stay the same

It’s true that technology is always advancing and you will have to adapt as times go by, but the general basic skills will always be the same. The ability to conduct research, problem solve and understand complex and fast-paced ideas will never go out of fashion.

These particular skill sets are also transferable, so you can move around between different jobs with relative ease.


You get to help others

You might find yourself as an engineer, trying to come up with new ways to provide energy in an environmentally-friendly way; working as a medical researcher testing the latest treatments for disease in the hope of finding a cure or vaccine, or helping to give people in remote communities access to safe, clean water.

A STEM job can be very noble, and you should be proud that you’re helping people and solving problems that are going to benefit mankind.


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