Students gain hands-on experience learning how to mix, measure and lay a solid foundation in the Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying (CPC30111).

As the demand for skilled construction workers increases across the Darling Downs, the very first group of bricklaying apprentices from TAFE Queensland's Toowoomba campus are laying the foundations for a successful career.

After completing three weeks of block training in the newly introduced Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying (CPC30111), students gained the skills that will see them boost their careers in the construction industry.

Third-year apprentice Tyson Sheppard-Crabb learnt a lot during his time at TAFE Queensland and said he enjoyed working with like minded people. 

"I chose TAFE Queensland because you learn so much more about bricklaying than you would from a trainer who comes to site."

Tyson said he learnt how to build many different structures besides just a normal wall.

"I've learnt how to set up different jobs, how to build arches, stairs, piers and cavity work.

"The teachers have been really helpful, taking the time to explain how things should be done and learning new skills that you wouldn't normally learn on site," said Tyson.

Second-year apprentice Logan Searle from Roma said he enjoyed the social aspect of TAFE Queensland.

"My social skills and leveling skills have improved. I enjoy that you get more time to make sure the job is right, and taking pride in my work."

Second-year apprentice Zach Lesay's highlight was getting to working with other students.

"It feels like you're working with your own crew. TAFE Queensland have a better standard than anywhere else, always giving explanations as to why things are done a certain way.

"It certainly helped me improve on my standards. I have learnt better hand skills and easier ways of doing a hard job," he said.

Zach's advice to other people thinking of entering the industry is to try it out. 

"It’s a hard job, but for people who aren’t afraid of a hard day’s work I’d recommend giving bricklaying a go."

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