Teacher Lisa O’Neill is an internationally acclaimed Australian performer, choreographer, and performance director who has spent more than 25 years' working across dance, theatre, contemporary performance, and new media.

Lisa is also a co-director of the acting and performance program at TAFE Queensland. Her perfect blend of industry knowledge and expertise, and her talent for innovation and expression, give Lisa’s classrooms an extraordinary flavour.

“I believe teaching and mentoring is a very healthy and important practice for an artist, and it’s vital to give back and help guide the next generations through,” Lisa said.

For Lisa her own education journey is far from finished, and she isn’t stopping any time soon.

“I’m still studying part time in addition to performing and teaching so the majority of my spare time is spent doing assignments right alongside my students,” she continued.

Working as not only a performing artist but also choreographer and director has provided Lisa with a wide range of both professional and personal opportunities.

“The ability to hold a mirror up to life and look at human nature and our place within the world through artistic work is phenomenal,” she said.

To add to her already busy schedule, together with fellow TAFE Queensland teachers Anatoly Frusin and Rosalind Williams, Lisa has helped start a new theatre Collective, Robert the Cat (RTC).

The Robert the Cat collective has been established to take the work of these practitioners to a broader public, provide the many talented graduates from the course with a platform to continue their theatre practice, and create an opportunity to showcase their skilled work as emerging performers in challenging contemporary theatre practice.


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